Devasitham Charitable Foundation is a mission with a great social vision and noble cause registered as a PUBLIC CHARITABLE AND SOCIAL WELFARE TRUST with the Government of Tamilnadu (REGN No:1131/09). The Main objective of the Trust is to create a sustainable development by upholding the heritage of learning and providing facilities to the needy and poor to enrich their knowledge and to make substantial changes in young adults, youths and children.

Moreover this initiative is done by young people, for young people, led and designed by young people. The executive functionaries comprises young doctors, professionals, social workers, IT techs and administrators. The board of advisors are from diversified background and around the globe to guide and propel the implementation of DCF vision.

Where is our energy from?:

He went about doing good things to all the people..Acts10:32

What we want to achieve?:

Our cause is to narrow down the job oppurtunities gap among the underpriviledged and poor students and prepare them for the world of competition by empowering and enlightening them through its value added education programs. The organisation aims at imparting value added education like spoken English, computer skills, social awareness programs, career counselling..etc, to the underpriviledged and poor students at almost free of cost.




  1. Implementing DCF-5EDUHEIGHTS.
  2. 2012-13  Adopting 2 villages to implement our projects;
    1. DCF-solar powered Study centre for children in Koluva tribes;
    2. DCF centres in Aduva-Orissa;
    3. Pazhathandalam development programs and a DCF centre.
  3. 2014-15  Building home for the specially advantaged people.
  4. Developing DCF into a corporate/global org by 2016.