dcfmee1  The foundation takes pleasure to find a breakthrough in education especially quality and value-added education where it still remains only as a dream.

he organization identifies that English language still stands as a nightmare for poor and underprivileged students despite of its global language statusdcfmee2. Especially government school students, that too students those who study through Tamil/regional medium, find it bizarre and mystifying. Our challenge in this mission was to equip and train these students to read, write or speak in English which had remained as a dream before. Also we aimed at kindling their confidence and ability to pursue the spark provided through this project in their future life for a greater achievement.

dcfmee3The impact of this was program would be so evident that the convocation day program for the course would be conducted completely by the students in English Language. This would also be reflected in their yearend academic results as well.

dcfmee1The project is FULLY supported & endorsed by great hearted volunteer scholars, college students, retired professionals and corporate employees. The program also brings eminent personalities in this field as special trainers and motivational speakers. DCF-MEE designed the course materials and the program runs with lot of motivational initiatives, with give away like pens, notebooks, educational materials and gifts for the students excel in this project.


How “optimistic” this project is: The kinds of students benefitted are mostly first generation literates and their parents are daily wage earners and manual laborers. For them speaking in English is a dream and an impossible task but we know that we can very well bring a breakthrough through this initiative.

“People make a difference”. Yes this is absolutely true!!!. The estimated cost for this course per person according to market value is Rs.12000 (~200$) and so the cost for 50 students benefit would amount to Rs.375000 (10000$) /batch which we were able to provide freely by investing our valuable time; skills, materials and all available help for the cause of future generation.5 Batches completed. 6th Batch running successfully…

Course Frequency:

2 times in a year in an area.


4 to 5 months (only weekends)


Certificate from DCF; first three rank students can enter directly into Project Computer Killadies; Prizes

Teaching Methodology

Course Materials:

DCF-Spoken English books.

Teaching Aids:

Throught class room traings, Audio CD’s, Video CD’s, Activity based learning, exercises and throught Games.


Students wiil be provided with identity cards and their attendace are maintained in the register.Students progress reports will be maintained.

Students would be given lot of activities; assignments, prepare presentations…etc.

Special lectures by eminent personalities.

Group discussions and many competitions will be held among the students in order to devolop competitive spirit and interpersonal communication skills.

Best students award will de given.

Closing Ceremony

On closing ceremony successfully completed student will be honored with a cetificate and a gift

Special Prizes

  1. 3 Outstanding students will get a direct admission to Computer Killadies along with special prizes.
  2. 100% Attendance prize
  3. oratorical winner prize
  4. Essay winner
  5. Best Project prize

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