DCF has made significant inroads in enlightening the indigenous population of Chennai on the importance & benefits of acquiring education to the children and is also rapidly proving to be worthwhile of its motto ”GIVING WINGS TO THE DREAMS”. The people living in remote villages and tribal communities are lacking awareness and enlightment to develop along with the current socio-economic development. They are in great need of behavioral development in line with the civilized world. The children of those villages are also lacking education and were prone to become child laborers instead of going to school. We want to be the change agent for the development and empowerment.

Our vision towards this initiative is to adopt 2 villages to implement our projects for the village development and empowerment.

palaThe first village of our find to take this vision is “Pazhathandalam”.

Pazhanthandalam is a mid sized village located in the district of Kanchipuram in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. It has a population of about 3856 persons living in around871 households. With many basic amenities are still to be fulfilled in short the village is 30 yrs backward to our economical civilization. Major occupation is working in stone –quarry for daily wages.

This program was launched effectively from August 19 with a mass medical camp. Before this initiative we studied the village through surveys for six months. The report and follow up actions are summarized here.Click Here to see more details»

Recent mission trip to Odisha tribal areas has sprouted some lights for DCF acts. Lot of challenges that could beSAM_1488 converted into opportunities are in front of us.

Recently the DCF has expanded its working horizons beyond Chennai. The project team went on to work with seven tribal communities (Koluva, Katinga, Goberkutty, Kondhakeri, Kakkathunga, Dekaponga and Adava) in Orissa and identified some new opportunities in line  SAM_1484 with EEE objectives. The team was surprised to see the plight of the people living without electricity, medical centre, transportation, schools, basic amenity stores etc.,SAM_1455 and returned back with the heavy heart filled with new insights on the development activities that need to be addressed and cared to empower these people. The literacy rate is too poor due to the lack of awareness on importance of education and also due to the lack of transport, which de-motivated the children to travel a long distance for their schools. To sort out this issue, the project team has decided to build a solar powered study centre in “Koluva”, training centre in “Adava” and to train a person from the tribal community as a mentor to ensure sustainable development.

Towards EEE our next vision is to create DCF-solar powered Study centre for children inKoluva tribes and to start a DCF centre in Aduva-Odisha.

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If you feel that any area need to be touched on this regard or you have something that you want this program to do differently do write your suggestions and feedbacks