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Recharge–” A final touch for the final year students”


rechargeThe current genre of students has enormous opportunities laid in front of them as we are speaking and the world is moving towards globalization. But the question is: Do we have enough skills from our students to compete in the current expectations. According to the statistics it is not.

Foundation identifies this as a biggest challenge and wants to equip the final year students for their next world of competency in the following.

A condensed program of

  1. Communication – Today communication plays a vital role in the development of our life.  We enable the students to develop to a state where they can truly enjoy their communication with utter confidence.
  2. Personality development – Molding and shaping the characters that should suit the working situations and corporate cultures.
  3. Interview skills – How to face an interview? We found that for economically challenged and socially deprived how difficult is to secure a degree but that is not at all enough for his better opportunities if the individual is not able to express during their interviews.
  4. CV writing skills – It is the first presentation of an individual to get a glimpse of what type of person he or she should be. First impression is the best impression and we make sure that this is incorporated in the CV through this program.

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