Aavaa Dingi

COMING SOON – Hosting Workshop, Fine arts and culturals for CP and LD kidz


Aavaa Dingi is a one day workshop and culturals program to support DCF vision especially 2020 of raising a home and a learning centre for “Cerebral Palsy and Learning disorder kids” Aavaa Dingi (is a tamil word. Aavaa (means “ a measure of mercy” (Dingi (means a great try
1.Celebrate the success of MEE – Making English Easy – Morning Session
2.Talent Revelation – Fine arts After noon session
3.Celebrate the difference – culturals Evening session When? Where? FEB -7 -2015 Music Academy or YMCA Grounds


  • To celebrate DCF’s first flagship program – MEE’s success of entering 10th season and completing 5 years by conducting workshop on communication and competitions
  •  To showcase the fine art talents from the special children
  • To celebrate the difference with music and culturals for and by the special children
    To raise funds for the DCF 2020 vision and 5 EDUHEIGHTS program

What to Achieve?

  • To take MEE to at least 5 centers in next 3 years
  • To auction the fine arts from the special children and to raise money would go to the respective child. Some of the professionals art will also be auctioned to raise fund
  • To release the singles in support of cerebral palsy and learning disorder kids
  • To raise funds as much as possible to lay the foundation for the DCF 2020 vision
  1. Celebrate the success of MEE
    Making English Easy DCF’s Flagship program. Targeting to develop good English communication abilities for a minimum of 50 -100 students from the Government Schools/Colleges who finds English as a nightmare. The program runs twice in a year at a each selected places at free of cost. The Program has completed 5 years and entering it’s 10th season. Action Plan: Workshop on communication and personality development program for 1000 to 2000 Students by experts and eminent personalities. Conducting oratorical and essay writing competition for the students studied from Tamil medium background/Govt school background.
  2. Talent Revelation
    Fine arts Many of the learning disorder kinds and CP children have good hands of expression as their seventh sense. But due to lack of awareness this talent is hidden or vanished in many cases. http://www.ndtv.com/article/world/autistic-australian-an-artistic-hero-521050 Action Plan: Painting competition for the special children. These paintings will be auctioned for those kids and money goes to the respective child. Special painting from the professionals and painters will be auctioned.
  3.  Celebrate the difference
    culturals “NOT ALL OF US CAN DO GREAT THINGS, BUT WE CAN DO SMALL THINGS WITH GREAT LOVE”. Celebrate the difference with music, dance and cultural shows by and for the cerebral palsy and learning disorder kids.

Action Plan:

  • Release of singles by GAW band
  • 25 Guitarists performing a musical Guitar Choirs
  • French song singing by a CP child
  • Music from Autism children – Keyboard/Drums
  • Saxophone by a Blind student
  • Culturals from Special children

Target Audience School & College students; Institutions for Special Children; Corporates and companies supporting CSR

What is in it for the sponsors?

  • You will be honored by an ad in DCF site and social networks
  • Special mention in all our advertisement campaign (Banners/Posters/Social sites/Media)
  • Receive a memento and appreciation letter from DCF
  • Full filling your corporate social responsibility vision
  • Help the society for a noble cause.
  • Create a sustainable development among the disabled sections
  • Employee engagement activity
  • Title sponsor – get an opportunity to perform a cultural


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