From the President

chairmanMy passion is helping young people especially children and their well being. I always have an unknown interest on other’s growth and success and feel responsible to give in returns to the society and to the world I live in. As a president when I look back to my life and see how I came from first graduation student to one who is working in a great MNC currently as a manager and this would have not been possible if there would have not been a support for my education and especially to become proficient in English language skills which took lot of effort and motivation/support. I believe that I have achieved considerably well in my life and now I realize that I need to make others feel that they too can turn their dreams into reality. This urge has not only driven me to be a volunteer but also helped me to envisage this as a mission with vision and inspired me to create this foundation which also results in soul satisfaction.

President Bio

As a man of vision with dynamic and selfless leadership, integrity and compassion Mr. Alfred Benjamin served as the Head of Operations in the corporate sector and have more than ten years of corporate experience. As a testament for his versatility he has held several roles like Brand Ambassador, Green Ambassador, Quiz Master, Member of a committee for looking Sexual Harassment cases, Corporate Trainer, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, Transition Manager, Engagement Manager besides being a core operations manager in the world of Intellectual Properties and has travelled several countries like Germany, Holland, Spain and UK in his working experience.

He has Masters in Chemistry; Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial relations, Executive MBA; and pursuing research (Ph.D) on Intellectual Property Rights and has several papers published in IPR for his credits. He is a multilingual person with Spanish, German and French in his Kit. His zeal towards the society made him dedicate wholly for the welfare of the people.

His passion is to develop young lives and he has impacted many lives in and around the community that he has worked upon, especially underdeveloped, underprivileged and needy people who had longed for support.

In order to fulfill his vision he has founded a charitable foundation named DCF (www.devasitham.com) and also a youth band called GAW. Also his self designed motivational speeches and trainings ignite students to greater heights in sparking more lights among the darkness by giving wings to their dreams. People those who have attended his program have felt new energy, enthusiasm and inspiration. For more information please visit his website.