1306140576_206509647_2-CAREER-COUNSELLING-RAD-TRAINERS-CONSULTANTS-Dehra-DunAccording to the proverb “The people in a city which has right counselors will prosper”. Yes it is true counseling is very important in this present world as the world goes into the competency that it was never before. The current genre are in completely different sphere and the results in various social, mental problems right from the workplace, family, houses, inter personnel, society…etc. This not only affects the individual performances but the group in which they are attached.

How we  are different

Our socially in sighted and experienced counselors will be able to assist any person facing any problems.


Untitled-4This service would be dealt confidentially either through phone or in person.  The advantage of having worked with socially and economically deprived people has given us a special edge to handle things in a very purposeful way. We have witnessed the change in many lives through this service and we are sure that this might help your company/group/individual to perform to a greater height.