We wish to be a solution for your Corporate Social Responsibility vision. Our mission is to create a sustainable development among the underprivileged, poor and needy with a motto ‘GIVING WINGS TO THE DREAMS ‘and the values of love, hope and sacrifice by upholding the heritage of learning and provide facilities to the needy and poor to enrich their knowledge and to make substantial and positive changes in young adults, youths and children lives. The cause’s ranges from Value added Education – English development program; Computer Education, Students sponsorship program; Diversity Hiring; Village development and Tribal empowerment.

1. Value added education:

Education is very important which is accessible almost to every kid in the country but value added education still stands a far away dream.   Around 62% of the Govt school students are still in drop outs category. Lack of interest due to economic conditions, non accessible resources and less motivated environment adds to the student’s agony.
DCF identifies that English language still stands as a nightmare for poor and underprivileged students despite of its global language status. Especially government school students, that too students those who study through Tamil/regional medium, find it bizarre and mystifying.
A must have skill in today’s competitive and globalised job market are the “computer skills” which would greatly enhance the prospects for our student community in Chennai and make them eligible to utilize the wave of opportunities created by globalization in India. Using the skills they have acquired, the students can strive to achieve financial independence by seeking work in word processing, database preparation, office management, basic software applications etc which are opportunities plentiful in the area & also build on these skills to have a career in the booming IT & BPO sector in India.
-+DCF solutions to this cause are Project MEE – Making English Easy and Project Computer killadies.
If your CSR vision is to support education please join hands on this project to take this to many thousands of underprivileged and rural kids to fulfill their dreams.

2. Student’s sponsorship program:

Similar to many major cities in the developing countries, there is a gasping rich & poor divide in our community also, and the youths are unable to  make use of opportunities provided to them from globalization due to lack of monetary support required for taking up professional skills.
In this project DCF aims to identify the economically backward sections of youths & students community who have excelled academically but couldn’t sustain their education because of their economic plights for an eligible education sponsorship support. Most of these students are orphans, semi orphans, and specially challenged ones.  The record shows that these children have secured 90 to 95% in their board exams but need support for their further steps and that’s the uniqueness of this project.  We are happy to see the students those who have been benefitted through this initiative. One such example is:  Our first sponsor student has completed his B.E Mech from Anna University, Ramanathapuram campus and got placed in a MNC.
If your CSR vision is to help the outstanding students and specially challenged student’s education please join hands on this project to fulfill the dreams of many hidden lights in our society.

3. Diversity Hiring:

Human resources are the greatest asset and capital for a business to succeed in this highly competitive world. If those human resources come with an economy that is manageable then it is a double asset.
DCF realized on the importance of additional income for the students of economically disadvantaged families as it motivates the youth in continuing their studies without having to worry about livelihood, and thus started the path breaking initiative of providing career placement & identifying Job opportunities for the disadvantaged students in the community. Our efforts in this area along with active help from industry professionals bore ample fruit.
If your vision is to provide opportunities to the diversified communities please join hands on this project to take this to many thousands who needs an opportunity to brighten their lives.

Our assistance:

If you are looking for skilled and semiskilled diversified hiring we would be able to assist you through our project called Vazhikatti. This project aims at possible placements in various field of documentations, data management, BPO, call centre’s…Etc either full time or part time for the economically challenged students.
The non graduates/ under graduates to  be hired for full time or part time would be of:

  • 10,+2 pass
  • 10,+2 pass and pursuing Bachelor’s Degree
  • Diploma Holders
  • College Drop Outs
  • 1st/ 2nd / Final year students pursuing graduation through distance/correspondence


  • A part of your CSR acts to support a noble cause.
  • Helping the society by giving an opportunity
  • Economic
  • Attrition would be in control
  • Helping the foundation to carry its mission
  • Brand value goes up.

4. Village development and Tribal empowerment:

Awareness and development among the Slums and Villages and Tribal’s empowerment..!

DCF has made significant inroads in enlightening the indigenous population of Chennai on the importance & benefits of acquiring education to the children and is also rapidly proving to be worthwhile of its  motto” GIVING WINGS TO THE DREAMS” . The people living in remote villages and tribal communities are lacking awareness and enlightment to develop along with the current socio-economic development. They are in great need of behavioral development in line with the civilized world. The children of those villages are also lacking education and were prone to become child laborers instead of going to school. We want to be the change agent for the development and empowerment.

Our vision towards this initiative is to adopt 2 villages to implement our projects for the village development and empowerment.
The first village of our find to take this vision is Pazhathandalam.
Recent mission trip to Odisha tribal areas has sprouted some lights for DCF acts. Lot of challenges that could be converted into opportunities are in front of us.

csr_clip_image002Recently the DCF has expanded its working horizons beyond Chennai. The project team went on to work with seven tribal communities (Koluva, Katinga, Goberkutty, Kondhakeri, Kakkathunga, Dekaponga and Adava) in Orissa and identified some new opportunities in line with EEE objectives. The team was surprised to see the plight of the people living without electricity, medical centre, transportation, schools, basic amenity stores etc., and returned back with the heavy heart filled with new insights on the development activities that need to be addressed and cared to empower these people. The literacy rate is too poor due to the lack of awareness on importance of education and also due to the lack of transport, which de-motivated the children to travel a long distance for their schools. To sort out this issue, the project team has decided to build a solar powered study centre in “Koluva”, training centre in “Adava” and to train a person from the tribal community as a mentor to ensure sustainable development.

Towards EEE our next vision is to create DCF-solar powered Study centre for children in Koluva tribes and to start a DCF centre in Aduva-Odisha.

If your CSR vision is to develop and empower the villages and tribal places please join hands on this project to take this to many unreached areas and upgrade them.